Venetian Glass Mirrors Collection

This venetian mirror sconce is a variation of the APM0006 model, the only difference between the two lies in the decorative engravings: a female figure for the APM0005 model, a male figure for the APM0006.

This sconce is a veritable jewel-like product, a piece of art perfect to be placed in spaces decorated with classic and refined furnitures. This is also an ideal product for contract projects, such as projects for the decoration of hotels and multiactivity centres.

The wooden hand-cut structure has a classic shield shape, the mirrored surface is embellished with floral engravings and blown glass decorations, as it is typical of the venetian style mirrors.

The arm and the cup have refined textures: “rigamenà” (twisted ribs surface) and “balloton” (grid-like surface). The crystal and gold leaf is a classic combination of colours, refined and yet quite neutral, thay allow to place the mirror alongside different types of furnitures. However, it is possible to customise the colour of the glass according to the customer’s needs, by choosing from a wide palette.

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