Private house - London

Artistic glass decorative lighting – London

MULTIFORME® has produced the artistic glass decorative lighting products for this private house in London, specifically for the stairwell zone and the dining room.


In the stairwell, two crystal chandeliers has been placed. The stairwell is the ideal space for the crystal chandeliers: thanks to the high ceiling, the crystal chandeliers can be composed of very long crystal garlands. Both structures have been decorated with Asfour crystal garlands, each garland is composed of faceted octagons and at the end of each garlands a faceted prisms have been placed.

For the dining room the customer has chosen a Murano glass chandelier among those in the Timeless catalogue – the Ritz model.


The shapes of this artistic glass chandelier evokes those typical of the Art Decò; Ritz is made of encased glass (a technique that consist of the overlapping of two glass layers of different colours). This technique allows to obtain highly aesthetical effects, that are enhanced when the lights are turn on.

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