Proudly introducing the new MULTIFORME lighting logo

25 September 2018 – An important evolution for MULTIFORME® lighting. The introduction of the new logo which will guide the company through the exciting journey towards new markets and international goals.

A new vision of the Brand which underlines the will to put the final customers at the center of attention, offering them our art, creativity and the high quality of the products and services we provide: this is MULTI FOR ME.

The graphics play on the different thickness of each font, where “ME” stands for each of our customers, of which we try to better interpret needs and tastes.

Simplified and taken to its essence, the new logo follows the trends and contemporary design taste of the Made in Italy lighting scenario, by renewing its character without losing its identity.

Moreover, another new version of the official logo has been introduced, the square format that further emphasizes the concept highlighted by the new meaning, breaking up the word into its basic terms.

The official colors of the brand, representing classic elegance and minimal design, remain white and black. Two colors that perfectly suit the reference market sector for MULTIFORME® lighting: the world of luxury furniture.

The claim “Light Up Your Dreams” together with the new logo will accompany MULTIFORME® in its brand communication and image, to better spread the mission of the company. Ensure the realization of the dreams and decorative lighting projects of all its customers thanks to its professionalism and competence.

This new visual identity represents only a first step of a much longer path aimed at innovation and improvement. A path that MULTIFORME® is undertaking in the constant search for the beauty of its products and customer satisfaction.