Capriccio 550

Blown glass chandelier

Capriccio is a chandeliers collection which harks back to the tradition without renouncing to a modern design.

The blown glass chandelier Capriccio is our interpretation of the most classic venetian tradition: the blown glass “pastoral” chandelier; the graceful pastoral elements are the curled decorations which surround the central stem.

They are complex elements, flawlessly handcrafted. The contrasting coloration exalts the curled shape of the pastoral elements and other details.

Capriccio is available in two variations, Capriccio 550 is the one with the upward lights. The collection includes a wide range of products: wall lamps with one or more lights, table lamps, multi-tiered chandeliers, bedside lamps, ceiling lamps and floor lamps. A wide range of colours is also available, to better suit the designers’ needs.

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