Ca' Rezzonico chandelier

The Ca’ Rezzonico chandelier Villa Borghese, together with Villa Medici, is our collection inspired from the splendour of the noble italian families and of their dwellings.

This blown glass chandelier is a large Ca’ Rezzonico model, embellished with unusual and delicate decorations, such as the flowers “a manina” and the leaves, which have been attached to the structure.

Also the colours, pure gold and crystal glass, are inspired to that tradition. Another version of this chandelier, with ruby and light blue details, is available in our catalogue.
Even the shape of this chandelier is peculiar: the chandelier has an elliptical shape, thus it is perfect for rectangular spaces such as hallways and stairwells.

Despite its large dimensions, the volumes have been carefully balanced: the result is a large and yet light chandelier. The stem is a bidimensional element, while the arms extend towards the external space, thus creating a balance between solid and void spaces.

Two variations of this chandelier are available, with 8 or 10 lights, and versions with even more lights are available on demand. Villa Borghese is a chandelier that has been designed to decorate classic spaces, but it can suit also modern spaces.


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