Classic glass chandeliers

“Bevante” is the venetian name with which is called the glass, and this is also the name of this slender chandelier, that has been designed using basic, elegant and harmonious shapes.

The design harks back to the Murano glass chandeliers typical of the Roaring Twenties. The classic glass chandeliers Bevante are characterized by basic and essential elements, such as the straight central arm. The “rigadin” texture (blown glass with straight ribs) creates beautiful reflections and contrast effects on the glass, the cups which cover the bulb is tapered. Read more 

This collection is available in many different colours, both transparent and opaque. Also the models available are many: single tiered chandeliers, multi tiered chandeliers and wall lights. The metal finishings are available nickel or gold plated.

Bevante chandelier is available in two varieties, with 6 or 12 light bulbs. Bevante, as many other MULTIFORME collections, can be customised to better suit the interior designers’ needs.


All our lighting products are available in different colours, sizes and completely customisable

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