Design blown glass chandeliers

The Diamante design blown glass chandeliers are characterized by a slender central element; the arms, the central element and the final cup are made of flawless smooth glass. The standout elements of this chandelier are the cups, which are created using a complex manufacturing process, which is called “rostrato”, a technique which was widely used in the beginning of the XXth for the manufacturing of the Murano chandeliers.

This technique is carried out by hand by the craftsman: the result is a series of faceted prisms, that resembles the ashlar typical of renaissance architecture, which in return resembles the structure of a diamond – and that’s the origin of the collection’s name.

The “rostrato” technique is also used to produce other elements which are placed along the central arm. Thanks to the peculiar and elegant design, essential and yet sophisticated, this is a design blown glass element that can be placed in rooms with strong and refined fornitures.

The chandelier is available both in the single tiered and in the multi-tiered version. The collection also includes wall lamps and table lamps. Many colours are available: venetian crystal, white, black, aquamarine and gold leaf.


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