Artistic glass chandelier Fenix

The blown glass chandelier Fenix, with its floral style, harks back to the venetian classic tradition. The decorative elements are characterized by flowers modelled petal by petal, and embellished with “morelline” (a typical venetian decorations).

In addition, some precious floral details have been attached on the central arm. Another peculiar charcateristic of this chandelier is the shape of the cups, which are embellished with a delicate crest.

The glass is worked using the typical Murano technique “rigadin ritorto” (blown glass with twisted ribs), which confers a special spiral texture to the surface of the structure. The flowers and the other details create a beautiful colour contrast, for a refined visual effect.

There are different models available in this collection: single tiered or multi-tiered chandeliers, and wall lamps, floor lamps and flambeaux lamps with one or more lights.

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