Artistic glass chandelier

The glass chandelier Golden Century 087 by MULTIFORME lighting is a tribute to the magic and the richness of the XVIIIth Venice. The glass chandelier Golden Century 087 presents the same structure of the Golden Century 086, but with a variation, that is the upward lights.

Several techniques have been used to manufacture this lighting work: the arms’ surface is worked with the “rigadin ritorto” technique (a twisted ribbed texture) and embellished with tiny decorations, while the spherical elements along the stem has a “balloton” texture (a grid-like surface) and some “morrise” (tiny decorative elements) decorate the whole structure.

Other decorative elements are the flowers and the pendant elements on the arms. The catalogue includes classic colours such as gold and crystal glass, delicate pastel tones exalt the tiny and precious decorations on the arms and stems.

In the catalogue, each collection includes a series of lighting works: ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor lights, bedside lamps, table lights and other customised solutions.

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