Murano chandelier

The Murano chandelier Chapeau is one of the most appreciated chandelier among our classic models in the TIMELESS collection. Chapeau is a classic and essential chandelier, it is handcrafted using high quality materials.

This Murano glass chandelier is finished with handmade lampshades, and it is available in many different colours, sizes and number of lights.


A classic and essential chandelier

The Chapeau collection includes chandeliers, table lights and wall lights. The big size chandeliers are perfect to be placed in stairwells, halls, meeting rooms and wherever an elegant decoration of the ceiling is needed.

Chapeau is the perfect collection to decorate hotels or wide spaces and for the contract sector, and whenever it is needed to minimise the costs without renouncing to a high quality solution. This is possible thanks to the high number of items available in this collection.

“As love grows within you, so does beauty grow. Because love is the beauty of the soul.”

-- S.Agostino
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