Venetian chandelier

The venetian chandelier Accadueo presents an organic design, which is the result of an inspiration taken from the nature. The cups and some details remind the fluid flow of the water, a vital element which symbolises the pureness, the semplicity, the transparency and even the power.

In this collection the water-like elements are combined with the calla, an aquatic flower whose main characteristic is the simplicity; the delicate and pleasing shapes of this flower have been reproduced in the Accadueo collection.

The purpose of this collection is to embellish, with its natural simplicity, sober spaces; but it is suitable also to decorate luxury spaces conferring a certain elegance.

The collection by MULTIFORME lighting is enriched day by day with new ideas and lighting solutions. Accadueo, as many other collections in the catalogue Timeless, includes many different solutions: chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps and even special solutions on demand.

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