Crystal ceiling lamp circus

The crystal chandeliers are decorative objects of great impact. Often they are designed to match classic furnitures, but this isn’t the case for the crystal ceiling lamp Circus. Circus has been designed with the purpose of creating an innovative crystal lighting work, that could match contemporary and international furnitures.
Circus stands out thanks to the multitude of different elements with which is composed; it is characterised by the irregularity of the decorations and the variety of colours. Circus is an unusual crystal lighting work, that creates in the surrounding space countless colourful glares and reflections.
Each of the crystal garlands that compose this ceiling lamp is made of varied elements: octagons and prisms crystals, pendants and drop-shaped glass elements, etc. The colourful version of Circus is the most appreciated, it is realised with crystals of different colours and it can be customised according to the customer’s taste. Our technical department can also design custom project.

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