Bespoke glass chandeliers

Infinity represents one of the most versatile lighting solutions of our lighting catalogue: the use of a modular element such as our Murano glass listel, allows us to create bespoke glass chandeliers of any dimension, shape and colour. Our experience in the construction of glass bespoke chandeliers has allowed us to identify the architecture elements that could better suit the needs of designers all over the world.

The Murano glass listel which we used for this lighting collection, is characterised by an artisanal production which allows to obtain a specific material consistency, and in particular, to produce an almost infinite variety of formats. In our catalogue the lighting creation is present with a series of glass listels which have been especially created to obtain a metallic effect, in a titanium shade.

The result is a simple and rigorous shape which guarantees a strong scenic impact and that is adaptable to different environments. The joinable structure makes Infinity a lighting solution which is suitable for many different needs: this ceiling light can be produced in different sizes and it is therefore suitable for big environments as well as for private buildings.


All our lighting products are available in different colours, sizes and completely customisable

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