Blown glass ball chandelier desafinado

Elegant and unmistakable, suggestive and poetical, soft and delicate are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the blown glass ball chandelier Desafinado, our ceiling light with hand-blown glass spheres.

This item consists in a new collection of contemporary Murano glass chandeliers developed with the aim of creating natural and organic forms, in which forms are stripped of any decoration and become the protagonist.

This lighting creation consists of a circular ceiling structure characterised by a burnished brass finish to which are hanged, with thin cables, spheres in hand-blown glass. These elements are mouth-blown by our Murano glass artisans and have a slightly irregular surface, which allows light to reflect in different directions, creating an elegant game of reflections and glows that is accentuated when lights are on.

The LED lights are of two types: one is integrated in the big ceiling disc, the other is diffused alongside the height of the chandelier and hidden inside the blown glass spheres. On costumer’s request it is also possible to provide indipendent lighting that can be controlled with an app from your smartphone. In our catalogue the spheres are suggested in a variety of warm and soft shades which well suit furniture of different colours: transparent shades of mocha, grey and smoky quartz alternate with spheres in opaque, milky white glass.


Light reflects in different directions

Murano hand-blown glass is a material that can be easily customized in a vast range of different colours: the spheres of Desafinado can be therefore realised in many other colours. Desafinado is a creation characterised by great dimensions, but it is also lightweight. Its height of almost 2,5 meters makes it ideal to furnish staircases of public buildings and of great hotels.

On costumer’s request it is also possible to realise other formats of the Desafinado series. MULTIFORME® is specialised in the production of lamps for staircases and chandeliers of great dimensions; we support the designer to create tailor-made chandeliers all over the world.

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful”

-- A.Walker
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