Contemporary ceiling lamp Tilight

The ceiling lamp Tilight exalts the quality of the glass plates. The glass plate is widely used in the lighting sector, however it is not so often used in the manufacturing of custom and decorative chandeliers.

MULTIFORME, with the Tilight collection, reevaluate the glass plates and adapt it to the most modern taste. The peculiarity of the glass plate in Tilight is the manufacturing. Two colours have been combined in the glass, thus creating peculiar effects and glares.

Tilight is an artistic glass ceiling lamp that can suit different spaces. This is possible thanks to the modular structure, made of plates and thus customisible in many sizes, even for large lighting projects. The decorative effect of Tilight is most appreciated when the lights, placed inside the structure, turn on, thus illuminating with a multitude of glares the plates.

Tilight is an extremely versatile product, suit for large public projects that require lighting works of different formats; but it is ideal also for original and creative housing projects.


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