Crystal design lamp dancer

The crystal design lamp Dancer is one of our interpretations of the traditional crystal and glass chandeliers. The whole structure of this chandelier is composed of a cascade of tiny glass elements of different shapes, that reminds the fringes typical of the 20’s fashion: thin glass foils, drop-shaped elements and Swarovski glass elements. Read more 

Inside this structure are placed the light bulbs; the light therefore comes out passing through the glass elements, thus creating a multitude of glares in the surrounding space. Two colours for the glass elements are available in the catalogue, grey or a dark shade of amber.


All our lighting products are available in different colours, sizes and completely customisable


A cascade of tiny glass elements

In the catalogue Dancer is available in two different shapes: a wavy extended shape and a spiral shape. But Dancer can be realised in many other shapes, since this collection can suit many lighting fixture. Dancer is an extremely versatile chandelier, a decorative solution that can easily suit architects and interior designers’ needs.

"Nothing reveals more things than the movement."

-- M. Graham
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