Modern chandelier

There’s only one reason why the traditional chandeliers are immortal: because they can conform to unusual textures and colorations and still being relevant nowadays; the modern chandelier Tipotipetto is a confirmation of this statement.

Tipotipetto is the result of the combination of different knowledges, that are mixed together to create a sophisticated and modern lighting work, but with the quality typical of the traditional venetian glass.

The elements that compose the structure are that of the traditional artistic glass chandeliers: central stem, arms, cups and a final element to complete the composition. The peculiar and unique decoration is the main characteristic of this chandelier, handcrafted by our skilled masters glass-worker using the techniques typical of the objects in venetian glass.

The clean shapes of this modern design chandelier exalt the polychrome texture. Tipotipetto is a sophisticate lighting work, it is more a work of art than a lighting work. In the catalogue, we propose a coloration in white, grey and black, an “optical” version of the traditional objects in Murano glass, but many other colorations are available.


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