Modern design chandelier temptation

To be a living tradition, a tradition must be capable of evolving and fascinating the present public. This is the concept that lies beneath the modern design chandelier Temptation.

This chandelier is a re-elaboration in modern terms of the most classic venetian chandelier, the Rezzonico model. Temptation is one of our chandelier in the Progressive catalogue that is most appreciated in its extralarge versions, such as the 18 lights version proposed in the catalogue.

Temptation is a lively lighting work, whose elements evoke natural and organic shapes. The arms, decorated with “bossole”, become vegetal elements that grow freely in the surrounding space, ending with cups decorated with wavy corollas. Some twisted stems complete the composition.

Temptation is a modern Murano glass chandelier in which the artistic glass is the absolute protagonist; each element in this chandelier is made of glass. A valuable lighting work, entirely handcrafted with passion and attention to details. Temptation is the ideal solution to decorate large spaces, such as multi-activity centres, lobbies and conference rooms.


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