Suspension lighting mystique

The suspension lighting Mystique has a neat geometric structure. It has been designed with the purpose of creating a lighting work with neat and simple volumes. This suspension lamp wants to celebrate the decorative power of the handcrafted glass plates.

The techniques used to decorate the plates are that used to decorate the Murano glass objects, but in this case they have been adapted to a bidimensional surface. The metal structure is proposed in the catalogue with a brushed finishing, but other finishings are available.

The metal structure, like the glass plates, has been manufactured with attention to details, as it is typical of the Made in Italy tradition: the quality of the finishings goes hand in hand with the quality of the glass decorations.

Mystique is a simple structure that can be widely customised, both for the metal structure and for the glass plates. A special version of this modern style glass lamp, in artistic glass, has also been designed. It is a unique piece of art in which the glass plates become a bidimensional representation of the Murano glass decorative techniques, as if it was a bidimensional vase.

Thanks to this, Mystique is a collection of artistic glass lamps extremely versatile and refined, the ideal solution for housing projects, suited for several different spaces and furnitures.


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