Light in balance

Zen attitude. Mediterranean mood.

A collection of light with a modern design and a poetic soul. The fragile hardness of glass aspires to the lightness of the flower, in a fertile union of ideal beauty between Japanese art and Venetian craftsmanship.

We called it “non-periodical poetic publication of emotional lighting”, because this magazine is dedicated to a collection with modern design and a poetic soul.

The Japanese discipline that inspires this collection is based on the creation of elegant and suggestive floral compositions with few cut elements.

Arranging flowers is not just an aesthetic issue: within the simplicity of a composition live balance and harmony, emotional research and spiritual devotion, philosophical theories, and existential investigation. Why not recreate all of this in the ethereal beauty of glass?


“Ikebana should not be considered as a fixed object. Ikebana is constantly floating. Ikebana should not be given a shape. Ikebana has a new shape for each new era.”

-- H. Teshigahara

The collection is part of our line “Progressive”, which collects lighting works of ancient craftsmanship but with a contemporary taste. The high level of craftsmanship and the techniques of master glassmakers have met the creativity of the designers Romani Saccani Architetti Associati, giving life to unique objects with a great decorative and emotional impact.
Drawing from the sumptuous and varied decorative apparatus of the classic Murano chandelier, the floral-inspired arm was chosen and identified as the representative element.




Imagination, visions, creativity

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