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Our latest products – Hexigo: international style and luxury finishing

This year has been for MULTIFORME an extremely prolific one: many collaborations, with italian and european designers, and many new products created. The result of one of these collaborations has been Hexigo, a modern glass chandelier we created in collaboration with MOCA Design.

In Hexigo it is possible to recognize influences from many artistic periods, for example the italian design of the Sixties but also the international style. Hexigo is characterized by geometrical shapes, neutral colour shades and polish surfaces lighten up by the golden finishing of the metal structure.

This blown glass chandelier is a perfect combination of precision and dynamism: the cylindrical elements have been designed with attention to details, and they have been arranged along the central column on 5 tiers. The irregular lenghts of the arms create different perspective that can be appreciated by seeing this lighting work from different points of view. The lighting system is made of integrated LED COB.

Hexigo has been designed focusing on details: the metal structure has been designed in order not to have visible screws and joints, and its silk-like golden finishing make Hexigo more similar to a jewel than to a lighting product. The metal finishing perfectly match the colours of the glass elements: the topaz glass with satin finishing and the gold foil melted inside the glass. With Hexigo the aim has been that of realised a lighting work characterized by a minimal style, but at the same time refind and made with attention to details: aluxury but not showed off chandelier.