Italian handmade lighting manufacturer

MULTIFORME® is an Italian company specialized in handmade lighting, situated close to Venice, in the heart of the Veneto lighting district, one of the excellences of Made in Italy. MULTIFORME® meets the many and specific demands of the decorative and custom lighting, offering the best solutions to professionals internationally.

Lighting artisans

The company operates autonomously thanks to its technical department and internal production. MULTIFORME® can develop and follow articulate projects, offering high standard solutions at technical, functional and aesthetic level. An advanced know-how, precious company resource, has allowed us to achieve complex works in the custom field, for lighting projects needing specific and unique solutions.

Quality First

Every stage of the manufacturing is checked according to the company Mission: the excellence of the light works and the client’s satisfaction.

MULTIFORME® team works with accuracy to reach a high level of quality from the very beginning: the project. Sales and technical departments coordinate the production, the workshop, the assembly and the packaging, according to the guideline of the project management.

Quality Check and meticulous procedures allow to verify materials, details, finishes, compliance, safety and functionality of each and every product during the production.

We care

Each product must be good, as well as beautiful.
Our daily actions are aimed at continuous improvement and respect for workers and the environment.

The care we reserve to the product development and to quality control is the same we use on business relationships with our partners.
Each of our customers must be sure and satisfied.

Our customers

MULTIFORME® succeeded in being appreciated on the market, as selected handmade lighting manufacturer in cooperation with important trade marks of Interior Design and furnishing and taking part to supplies in prestigious international projects.

Our targets are projects and supplies for private residences, hotels, public and religious buildings. Our strengh is development of custom and bespoke projects.


We wish to contribute to spread all around the world the quality values of Made In Italy Lighting in order to create long-lasting and satisfactory commercial connections.

Our aim is to create unique and exclusive light works, which add value to the environment and improve the quality of living.

Each project is a challange that we face with reliability and passion. Each work completed brings the satisfaction of having created something special and the desire to start a new one right away.