The Objects catalogue by MULTIFORME includes all our collections of Murano glass objects. The ancient venetian glass art has developed following different directions, one of these result in stunning Murano glassware: blown glass vases and plates, bowls, bottles… colourful objects characterized by a high decorative impact.

But all these vases, plates, bowls and bottles aren’t simply decorative objects; the quality of the manufacturing goes hand in hand with the high aesthetic value. A deep knowledge of the manufacturing techniques, together with a flawless execution, are required to create bown glass centerpieces and vases that standouts thanks to their originality and vivacity.

The collections of Murano glass Objects by MULTIFORME are only a selection of the many creative possibilities of the blown glass techniques: polychrome glass canes, zanfirico, murrine, avventurina can create infinite decorative motifs on the glass surface.

With the blown glassware of the Objects catalogue it is possible to give personality to every kind of setting, both classic and modern. These objects are completely handmade and unique, and for this reason they are always different one another. The prestigious venetian techniques are at the service of the master’s creativity.

MULTIFORME has dedicated a whole catalogue to the Murano glass tumblers, also known with the venetian term “goti”. Among the Murano glassware, the blown glass tumblers are the most versatile, they standout thanks to the originality of the decorative patterns and to their vivid colours.

The venetian goti are veritable pieces of art: they are mouthblown; this means that every piece is unique, different from the others. Each goto is the combination of traditional manufacturing techniques – murrine, glass-canes, silver and gold foil – and the creativity and inventiveness of the master glass-worker.

The venetian goti are products with humble origins: initially the master and his “piazza” (assistants) made these glasses during the breaks in order to drink after the exhausting work in the furnace. After, creating these blown glass tumblers has become a chance to display one’s creativity: the colour combinations and the decorative motifs are almost infinite.

Murrine, filigree, polychrome glass canes, gold and silver foil… the techniques are combined together to create original objects, that can be used as everyday tableware or to make a special event unique. The venetian goti are valued and original tableware, collectible expression of the Murano glass art.

The Mirrors catalogue by MULTIFORME includes our venetian mirrors, a series of products with a timeless charme, evocative of a prestigious and ancient tradition. The venetian mirrors are characterized by glass decorations and decorative etchings on the mirror surface.

The Mirrors catalogue includes mirrors of various sizes and shapes, both wall and table mirrors. The catalogue includes also some venetian sconces with mirror, with one or two lights.

Each one of these mirrors is completely handmade, skilled artisans flawlessly carry out each step of the manufacturing: the wooden structure is handcut, and also the glass frame and the decorations are handcrafted; the etchings on the mirror surface are handmade using a grindstone. The venetian mirrors are classic decorative objects, their timeless charme makes them perfect to decorate every type of setting: they can match classic furniture but also play with contrast in minimal settings.

The venetian mirror are also the ideal match for the chandelier in the Timeless catalogue: MULTIFORME can produce mirrors that match our classic chandelier, as well as large mirrors and products for the contract sector. The mirrors in the catalogue can be customised by choosing the shape, the colour of the glass and the type of decorations.

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