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blown glass vases

The blown glass vases are unique pieces of art, known to be one of the maximum expressions of the masters glass-worker's creativity, they are all products with simple shapes, characterized by intense colours and complex textures.

The Objects catalogue includes a wide range of products, for the most part vases, but also some blown glass plates and goblets. These are all versatile products: the vases allow to experiment with the techniques, to create new shapes and textures.

Objects is the catalogue that gather together all the objects collections by MULTIFORME®: it is only a selection of the countless possibilities that can be developed. The catalogue includes a series of products made with different techniques, colours and textures, mixed together to create products of high impact.

All these objects are characterized by a modern design, ther have been manufactured using traditional techniques and high-quality materials, such as filigrana, murrine, zanfirico, avventurine, incalmo, tessere.

To see more products from our OBJECTS-1 collection, please download the catalogue.