Artistic blown glass bottles

These collection includes artistic blown glass bottles, vases and plates. The collection is named after one of the most fascinating venetian techniques, that is the zanfirico.

This technique consist in the use of transparent glass canes containing coloured threads in a spiral design; considerable skill, talent and a flawless execution are necessary to model a zanfirico vase. The result is an object with a fascinating and complex patterns on its surface; the transparent glass base emphasizes the spiral design.

Our Zanfirico collection is made of two product’s lines: the first one is characterized by delicate colours, the second one by more intense colours. The objects have been embellished by the use of avventurina glass canes, alternated with zanfirico canes.

These objects can be matched one another or stand alone as single pieces; the collection can also be customised, many colours are available. Each bottle, vase and plate is completely handmade; these are unique, one of a kind works of art.

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