Artistic glass vase

The artistic glass vase Patchwork is part of a collection that includes vases of various shapes and sizes. These have in common the same decorative pattern, which is obtained using the various Murano glass traditional techniques – murrine, filigrana and polychrome glass canes.

The decorative pattern is composed of large squares blended together, each one has a different decoration; these squares seem pieces of fabric sewn together. The quality of this collection lies also in the uniqueness of each vase: these are completely handcrafted, so each vase is one of a kind, never the same.

The Patchwork collection includes real works of art, created by a skilled master glass-worker. Patchwork is a collectible series of vases: it is composed of 7 vases with different shapes, designed to be collected and showcased alongside. Patchwork is a touch of vivacity, the ideal collection to give personality to minimal and monochrome settings.

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