Pop Glass

Blown glass vases

A series of blown glass vases characterized by a cheerful, lively decoration, which move away from traditional shapes and colors to approach a more modern and spontaneous aesthetic.

The emphasis is entirely on the material consistency of the vases: glass reeds applied hot on the surface of the vases form sinuous and colorful designs on the macie-decorated surface.

Pop Glass is a decidedly peculiar collection, the embossed decorations develop the decorative potential making this collection unique within the catalog. The shape of the vases, in its simplicity, highlights the colors and textures of the decorative motifs. Pop Glass vases are ideal for decorating modern environments, and they know how to give personality to minimal furnishings.

Like the other MULTIFORME® collections, the Pop Glass series is also characterized by high technical mastery and executive value: each vase is made entirely by hand by the master glassmaker; they are unique pieces, always different from time to time.

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