Blown glass vases

Strisce is a collection of blown glass vases of various sizes, whose common characteristic is the two-colour striped pattern.

Strisce collection is characterized by the combination of black and white glass tiles, these are blended together to create a geometric and yet fluid pattern. The use of black and white tiles, evocative of the optical patterns typical of the ’50s and the ’60s, exalts the geometric motif. The vases are completely handcrafted, mouth-blown by a master glass-worker.

Strisce is a collection whose decorations are characterized by a modern and essential taste, but it doesn’t renounce to the venetian glass-working tradition. The collection includes three vases of different sizes, these are objects of great decorative impact. Thanks to their simple shape and the geometrical eye-catching pattern, this collection is perfect to decorate both modern and classic rooms.

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