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murano glass tumblers

The Murano glass tumblers are part of the Venetian blown glass tradition. They are versatile object, that standout thanks to their colourful surfaces.

Venetian Goti – this is the proper name for Murano glass tumblers – were originally created by the master and his assistants in order to drink during the breaks after the work in the furnace. They soon became appreciated and valuable tableware, nowadays they are collectable and colourful objects.

Each of these glass tumblers is a unique object, handcrafted by skilled masters. The Goti are the expression of the master's creativity: all the possible glass manufacturing techniques are used to create imaginative and colourful objects.

The Goto catalogue by MULTIFORME® includes many collections, made using varied techniques: murrine, silver leaf, macie, filigrana, avventurina, gropi, rete, fenicio.

To see more products from our GOTO collection, please download the catalogue.