Venetian Glass Mirrors Collection

This rectangular etched mirror has an elongated structure, it is an ideal decorative product to decorate halls and walk-in closets, both in private and in public buildings, such as hotels. The frame are abundantly decorated, the classic motif allows to easily place the mirror in rooms decorated with different type of furnitures.

The frame of this venetian mirror is particularly elegant, it is finished with glass canes of different textures, the angles are marked with artistic glass flowers and leaves; the frame is completed with floral etched motifs. The central part of the mirror has a plain surface, without etching or other decorations.

In the catalogue the glass has a gold leaf colour, other glass colour can be used on demand, choosing from a wide palette. It is also possible to customise the size and shape of the mirror. This mirror is a product that combine traditional and modern elements, for this reason it can be easily placed both in modern and classic contexts.

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