Light that builds and creates architecture: Hydiscus

Abandoning the concept of lighting only, the artistic chandelier Hydiscus wants to be an architectural installation that stands out for its emotional and scenic presence.

The huge number of wavy discs, handcrafted in blown glass according to the ancient techniques of master glassmakers, recalls the lightness of floating and suspended aquatic plants.
The various descents are randomly placed at different heights, the irregularly shaped discs meet by mixing glass reflections of various colors, while some transparent crystal pendants vertically break up the composition.

The overall lighting effect is dynamic, lively and cheerful. Craftsmanship and creativity made in Italy color the environment and build it scenographically. Hydiscus creates the space with modular structures and an important architectural result, allowing easily even large out of scale and customized.

A versatile, modular and customizable work

MULTIFORME® produces not only design lamps, but also architectural installations that can fit perfectly and enhance any context, whether public or private. Armed with passion and professionalism we create handcrafted Murano glass chandeliers that make environments unique and exclusive.

Hydiscus becomes a new collection in the Lighting 2021 catalog, expanding its range of sizes and colors, to satisfy an increasingly demanding public that loves creativity and beauty.

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