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chandeliers restoration


Murano chandeliers restoration

Thanks to the great experience and expertise of MULTIFORME® glass masters and the knowledge of our technical staff, we can carry on Murano glass chandeliers restorations and reproduce spare parts for blown glass chandeliers, both antique and modern. We can also coordinate large restoration and maintenance intervention for historic and high value chandeliers, as well as copies.

It can happen during the assembling, cleaning or moving that some elements of a glass chandeliers break or are lost. Thanks to our furnace we can make the replacement parts for glass chandeliers of different types, colors and shapes, respecting the original beauty and style of the broken chandelier.

For the restoration of big chandeliers, ancient products or chandeliers with a great historical value in places of worship, public places or private residences, we make particular replacements and maintenance.

In addition to replacements parts for chandeliers, we supply all necessary materials for the restoration of crystal chandeliers and different glasses for lamps.