Empire style chandelier

Impero is our re-interpretation of a classic model: the empire style chandelier, a peculiar model which is characterized by a bulging shape. Impero evokes the luxury of the past centuries and the great dance halls of the XIXth century.

Impero by MULTIFORME is composed of a cascade of crystal garlands, three greek meanders in golden metal embellish the whole structure. Some crystal pendants have been fixed on the metal elements to complete the decorations.The crystal chandelier Impero is a lighting work that has been designed to decorate large rooms, infact it can be manufactured on a very large scale.

Even when the lights are turned off, the natural light that enlighten the crystal cut lead glass spread glares and reflections into the room. Impero is the ideal lighting work to decorate classic or minimal spaces; a lighting work that harks back to the past but that still fascinate nowadays.

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