Light up your dreams

Murano Glass Chandeliers

To say that we are a Murano glass chandelier factory is rather reductive. Because we also feel ourselves to be dream makers, custodians of an ancient craft alchemy, builders of the magic of light. Our glass and crystal chandeliers are unique, exclusive creations of refined taste and an aesthetic of enchanting luxury that is never flaunted. They are works of lighting that do not fear time or fashions: they enclose in the heart of glass the timeless art of beautiful things, the history of harmonic proportions, the re-proposition of consolidated forms in new design and project research.

Neverending Beauty

Glass chandeliers with a classic style, drawing on an established craft tradition and then moving away from it in a quest for design in the making.

Tradition in Transition

Modern chandeliers in venetian glass and crystal with dynamic, sophisticated and unconventional lighting shapes.

Cluster Rhythms

Murano glass components that give way to creativity and freedom to imagine: the shapes that can be created are almost infinite.


“Light up your dreams” this is our motto. We refer to our dreams, and those of planners and interior designers with whom we work in synergy to realise lighting solutions and Murano glass creations worthy of Made in Italy excellence. Our dreams are as multifaceted as the refractions of light and are the protagonists of so many actions: imagining, designing, creating, sharing emotions, spreading beauty all over the world.

Internationally, Multiforme’s glass chandeliers continue to be chosen for decorative lighting projects in the most diverse contexts. We create custom-made chandeliers with a sophisticated design and all the guarantees of quality craftsmanship. We usually work with restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, as well as private rooms and buildings of historical and cultural value.



Our experience in the hands of your imagination

The handcrafted soul of our design lighting products is reinvented every time we start a new project, confronting us with technical needs and specific requests from architects and designers. It is one of our strengths and we are very proud of it: we design and produce custom-made chandeliers providing total customised solutions, even on a large scale and oversized.

Put us to the test and tell us about your project! We follow you from design to production, from Murano glass processing to assembly.
There is no requirement that frightens us, because over the years we have specialised in custom lighting solutions that require meticulous, difficult or unusual attention.

Our technical department provides full support by sending designs, renderings, sketches and technical drawings. We produce prototypes and mock-ups quickly, our team is prepared to deal with special requests and become the partner that can really make your dreams come true.

Immersed in our dream, we juggle among imagination, design and creation. Every day we embrace a symphony of creativity, in synergy with designers and their explosive ideas.

It is a compelling challenge that drives us to transform emotions into works of illumination, to spread poetry and beauty that go beyond mere form and function.

The result? Incredible works that fascinate us more and more, so much so that we can’t get enough of them. Welcome to our universe, where passion merges with talent, giving life to extraordinary creations.

Lampadari in vetro di Murano


We tell you about us, our daily work and the continuous dynamism that distinguishes us: events, trade fairs, special projects, catalogue novelties. Many forms in which we express inexhaustible passion and dedication.