Venetian glass vases

Pennellato is a collection of venetian glass vases of various colours, each vase is decorated with polychrome glass canes.

The peculiarity of this collection lies in the peculiar arrangement of the glass canes, which simulate brush strokes. The surface of the vases is thus converted into a canvas, and the master glass-worker into a painter who traces colourful brush strokes; this is a technique that offers infinite creative possibilities. The glass mass has been enriched with avventurina, that creates glitters on the opaque glass paste.

To obtain a decoration suh as that of the Pennellato collection, it is required a flawless and accurate execution, that only skilled masters can carry out. This is a collection with a strong personality, that gives its best in bright and vivid colours.

The catalogue shows only some of the colours available for Pennellato: the collection is open to personalization, according to the customer taste. Pennellato includes vases of various shapes and sizes.

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