Venetian glass vases

Tessere is a collection of venetian glass vases decorated with polychrome glass “tessere”. This is a series of vases of various shapes, sizes and colours, all made of glass “tessere” combined together.

These “tessere” are first arranged on a plain surface and then blended with the clear vitreous mass, this method allows to obtain the soft geometrical pattern on the glass surface.

The collection includes three different product lines: the first one includes vases decorated with black and white “tessere”, the second one includes those vases decorated using delicate colours – amber, green, amethyst and light blue – while the last one includes vases made using “tessere” of more intense colours – yellow, red, green and blue.

The linear and clean shape of the vases exalt the geometrical pattern on the glass surface. Each vase can be considered a veritable piece of art, one of a kind, handcrafted using traditional techniques.

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