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Refinement and essentiality for the new Timeless lighting collection in blown glass.

Timeless – the catalogue we’ve dedicated to Murano style blown glass lighting collections, expand its offer with new chandeliers.

We’ve designed a series of venetian chandeliers that combines a contemporary design with the manufacturing techniques typical of the Murano glass tradition: Metropole, Tourbillon, Melisanda and Serenade are venetian chandeliers characterized by a contemporary taste.

In all these collections, balanced and harmonic shapes prevail over the decorations. The new Timeless chandeliers have been deprived of almost every ornamental element, the entire chandelier is made of linear and neat shapes, and for this reason every glass parts need a flawless execution, without inaccuracy and irregularities.

In Metropole the winding shape of the arms determine the volume of the chandelier, by contrast, the cups have been reduced to the minimum possible volume. An harmonic shape is guaranteed by the presence of multiple tiers, that homogeneously fill the space around the central column.

In Tourbillon the classic decorative scroll elements of the Murano blown glass chandeliers has been transformed and converted into tentacular elements that surrounds the arms and the central column.

Also in Melisanda the harmonic shape is given by the arrangement of the arms: they all raise from the same level but they have different heights that completely surround the central column.

And finally, Serenade, a lighting work characterized by the combination of soft and gentle elements, designed with attention to details.

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