Our customised lighting projects

The satisfaction of customers who have chosen our lighting collections for interior design, or who have entrusted us with the realisation of customised projects, is the best reference for our work. That is why Multiforme’s glass chandeliers continue to be chosen internationally for interior lighting projects in the most diverse contexts.

Thanks to our in-house design and production departments we can fulfil the most diverse product requirements and realise contract lighting projects. We produce custom-made Murano artistic glass chandeliers, works of refined design and with all the guarantees of Made in Italy quality. We usually work with restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, as well as private environments and buildings of historical and cultural value.

Contract lighting for hotels, restaurants and commercial premises

Browsing through our portfolio you will find a very wide range of realisations all over the world: illuminated environments with Multiforme solutions available in the catalogue and projects with customised designs conceived for each specific situation and setting.

Dozens of custom projects worldwide

Multiforme’s lighting projects include chandeliers that decorate luxury hotels, restaurants, private residences, commercial spaces and many other prestigious locations around the world. Each project is a customised work of art, created specifically to meet the needs and unique style of each client.

Our attention to detail and care for quality are reflected in every step of the production process. From the initial design to material selection, glass craftsmanship and final installation, our team is committed to providing exceptional lighting solutions that combine beauty, functionality and innovative design.

We are proud to have collaborated with renowned designers, architects and industry professionals to deliver outstanding lighting projects around the world.