Murano Ceiling lights

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Illuminate your space with the perfect ceiling lamp. Whether you’re looking for a rectangular, squared or round ceiling light, we have a variety of handcrafted options to choose from.

Ceiling lights offer a wide variety of styles, ranging from classic to modern, giving you the freedom to choose what best suits your needs. For those seeking a grand statement piece, a luxurious handcrafted ceiling lamp or a huge ceiling lamp may be the perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more straightforward design, a simple glass ceiling light can be an excellent option. We take it up a notch by using only the finest quality materials, including our exquisite blown Murano glass, to elevate even the simplest of designs.

Our Murano glass ceiling lamps offer a touch of luxury, adding shine to your ceiling with an interplay of reflections and surfaces. Our collection includes modular and versatile fixtures, as well as unique and eclectic solutions. Create unseen paths of soft light and sophisticated atmospheres that dialogue with the architecture of the rooms with our Murano ceiling lamps.


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.

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