Multitudes pendant lamps

In our creative and productive laboratory we experiment with new forms every day to propose peculiar and stimulating decorative ideas. However, we are very attentive to the trends of international taste and to the success that cluster pendant lamps are experiencing: lighting solutions with multiple blown glass elements suspended at different heights.

Nowadays the chandelier is no longer the only choice available. Contemporary taste is oriented towards deconstructed and innovative pendant lamps in formal terms, with technological solutions that make architectural and lighting choices freer.
The MULTITUDES compositions are born from these needs and float light and free in space. Real glass clouds that come alive with lights and transparencies, furnishing rooms in a dynamic, creative and intriguing way.

The luminous component of these multiple suspension lamps is created by integrating LED spots into the ceiling which illuminate the glass elements suspended using thin steel cables and special small parts.
For an even more suggestive effect, light can also be present in the volume of the composition. In this case, a special electrical system must be installed on the ceiling and the light sources are housed inside the glass elements.

Pendant lamps with artistic elements in Murano glass

The Murano glass components leave room for creativity and freedom to imagine: the shapes that can be created are almost infinite, just as the combinations and arrangements in space for these cluster lamps are unlimited.

Whether they are leaves, flowers, butterflies, spheres or irregular abstract elements, these glass elements arise from daily gestures repeated countless times, replicated according to ancient formulas, punctuated by the rhythm of the flames and the breath of the master glassmakers. The poetry of glass that permeates designer pendant lamps is testimony to the timeless beauty of Italian craftsmanship.

Multiple gestures, infinite forms. The modularity of the finely crafted glass elements allows the designers’ imagination to decline the key element in numerous variations, original and unique in their kind.

Each Multitudes cluster lamp can be customized in size, color and format, adaptable to different types of environments: large halls of prestigious hotels, large staircases on different floors, or more familiar and intimate spaces.

What shape do you want to give to your project?
We create tailor-made beauty. Versatile, customizable.

“Light is like a brush that allows you to define and calibrate the atmosphere of environments that would otherwise remain mere containers. Our projects usually use light as a mouldable material that reacts with shapes and materials and expands into the surrounding space. We also like to design products that are not only a support for artificial light, but also make sense when turned off by interacting with natural light, chiaroscuro and shadows.” – Debonademeo