Crystal chandelier for a restaurant in Odessa

Cafè Hola-Lola


Hola-Lola Cafè: a luxury bar-restaurant for a break from shopping

The Cafè Hola-Lola, situated on the first floor of the Sadi Pobedi Gallery, is a place that embodies the elegance and refined style of the shopping center in which it is located, characterized by the presence of major international luxury brands. The warm and enveloping light, the aroma of coffee and freshly baked cakes invite you to sink into a comfortable armchair and relax, forgetting all worries.

The project by the architect Anatoly Yeksarev, of Dekart Studio, wants to create a comfortable and versatile space, designed for personal moments of privacy and relaxation, but also business meetings, presentations and small events.
Thanks to our partner Tvoy Svet, Multiforme was given the task of taking care of the lighting for this environment.

Crystal chandeliers for restaurants: a refined and classy decorative choice

A place like this requires lighting which emphasize the glamorous and luxurious atmosphere, adapting to the surrounding environment and enriching it. To achieve this goal we have created five large chandeliers, real handcrafted masterpieces.

The Vanity chandeliers stand out for the luxury and preciousness of the elements that compose them: a riot of Murano glass elements and cut crystal pendants that give light and charm to the entire space.
The nickel structure is rather essential, designed to disappear and leave the preciousness of the crystal in evidence.

Each chandelier has been carefully handcrafted by our craftsmen: glass sheets, drops, pendants, rhinestones and crystals make up the structure that contains the light sources. An enchanting cascade of luminous refractions with an extraordinary aesthetic result.

The crystal chandeliers become real decorative elements that capture the attention and give a touch of poetry and prestige to this café.
Every detail has been carefully taken care of, from the choice of materials to the craftsmanship, to guarantee a final result that reflects our passion for high-class lighting.

Architect Anatoly Yeksarev: design as a family passion

Head of Dekart Studio projects, Anatoly Yeksarev has 15 years of experience in the design of residential and commercial interiors. Multiple prize winner in Ukrainian competitions of architectural achievements.

“I always dreamed of designing houses. From childhood I knew that I would follow in the footsteps of my great-grandfather, grandfather and parents.
It is a difficult road, but for this reason all the more interesting. I’ve noticed that successful professionals always go the hard way.
I design houses and buildings for the best construction companies, with love for my work and the memory of my loved ones. Buildings where the apartments are already assigned even before the official start of the sales. Houses that my team and I are very proud of, and hopefully my grandfather from up there too.”