Venetian classic chandeliers

We consider classic works timeless, able to endure through the centuries, becoming exemplary models that are always current. Just like the Murano glass chandeliers of the Timeless line, which draw on an established craftsmanship tradition and then move away from it to leave room for an ever-evolving design research.

The classical soul of these works of light reflects fundamental values of our mission, such as the expression of excellence and elegance made in Italy.

Beauty is what the blown glass chandeliers convey, handmade with manual techniques and skills, pursuing a precise and constant attention to detail at every stage of craftsmanship.

Classic models of Italian Murano glass chandeliers, including the venetian blown glass chandelier, to fall in love with as they appear, or endlessly declined in customised and made-to-measure lighting solutions, to embellish rooms with the suggestion of unique products in tune with the space to be furnished.


Each collection has fascinating peculiarities and a pronounced personality, like all the authentic murano glass chandeliers . They are both novel and derived from the adaptation of precise requests by designers and architects. Below are our best chandelier collections from the Timeless line: each model is designed to be declined in several shapes, colours and sizes.

From the design to the choice of materials, from prototypes to production, each of these glass chandeliers lends itself to multiple customisation possibilities. Adaptability and versatility of shapes, colours, sizes, are the heart and value of this great collection of murano luxury chandeliers.


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.

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