Artistic glass chandelier classic and elegant

The artistic glass chandelier Toffee is an elegant and delicate lighting work, coloured with pastel tones. The structure is a combination of well proportioned volumes that creates a refined chandelier. It is the ideal solution for housing projects, as well as for public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and other multi-activity centers; this chandelier can embellish every sort of space.


a chandelier of great value and craftsmanship excellence

As with many other MULTIFORME collections, also in this case our intention has been to create a handcrafted high quality lighting work, in full compliance with the Murano tradition: delicate polychrome decorations, refined manufacturing and an elegant structure. The lighting work is completed with high quality finishings: the metal gold-plated structure and the electrical wiring are of the first quality. Several are the models available, including a large models with 12 lights. The Toffee collection includes also wall lamps, it is also possible to require customised solutions to suit the designers’ needs.


All our lighting products are available in different colours, sizes and completely customizable


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.
Choose the colour and workmanship of the glass, the fabrics, the metal finishes, the dimensions of your project. Each product is fully customisable.

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