Autumn Leaves

Design by Multiforme


The idea for this pendant lamp comes from suggestions inspired by the forms of nature. A free fall composition of Murano glass leaves, a cluster of suspended elements that is quite a current theme in interior design.

We have proposed this composition of suspended leaves in autumnal colours in shades of yellow, gold, amber and caramel that fall and are mirrored in a large ceiling rose in gilded leaf-shaped stainless steel, which also houses the integrated LED lights.

The system is designed to be installed directly in residential environments and can be replicated on a larger scale even without a metal ceiling frame.

Approximately one hundred hand-formed art glass elements in leaf form with a range of warm, autumnal hues mixed with forged and gilded metal leaves. LED lighting integrated in the decorative ceiling rose. The lighting system is compatible with leading voice assistants via wi-fi.


The leaf is an emblematic symbol of the life cycle that goes through its natural phases, accompanying us through the succession of seasons and in each single one giving us deeply human emotions.
The manual dexterity at the basis of our creations allows us to carefully mould the shape of the leaves, enhancing every small detail and differentiating each piece by giving it the same precious diversity of shapes in nature. The result is each time an exciting suggestion, a romantic presence, a unique composition for the target environment.

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Available colours

A - acacia
A1 - amber
A2 - tangerine
C - crystal
F1 - nut
F2 - moka
K - gold

Available finishes

C - polished chrome
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