lampadario murano design


Design by Multiforme


The design Murano chandelier Dadaumpa is characterised by dynamic shapes. Even if its structure resembles that of the classic chandeliers in Venetian style, the various elements have been revisited and reassembled in order to create a dynamic structure.

The central column has been transformed in a wavy element. From the two bottom bowls depart two tiers of arms of different forms and lengths, which are placed around the central column in an irregular way. At the end of every arm, the light source has been enclosed in a sphere of hand-blown glass, so it is completely hidden inside the glass structure. Dadaumpa is suggested in the catalogue in a milky white colour tone, but it can be customized choosing from a vast range of colours, both transparent and opaque. This chandelier in artistic glass gives its best if inserted in wide environments, that better enhance its magnificent structure with a great number of lights.


As in other creations from our laboratories, the stylistic signature is the search for new forms to go beyond the classic clichés of Venetian-style chandeliers and arrive at new expressive forms, in which the Murano chandelier combines with contemporary design.

Dadaumpa is a work presented in the catalog in a single colour, white, but it can be customized by choosing from a vast assortment of colours, both transparent and opaque. This artistic glass chandelier is a work that goes well with valuable but not banal environments, whose design is oriented towards originality and the desire to amaze.

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W3 - white lacquer
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