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Classically inspired and floreal chandelier

Collection of “classic” inspiration made up of single pendants grouped in ever-changing scenographic settings.

Drawing from the sumptuous and varied decorative sample of the classic chandelier of traditional Muranese arms, the arm of floral inspiration was chosen and identified as a representative element, blown and hand-washed by the skilled Venetian craftsmen.

We have taken from a historic chandelier the single bend arm with apical cup to highlight it by suspending it vertically and thus elevating it to an emblem of the expressive virtuosity of the master glassmakers.

classic chandelier in the Murano tradition, with floral inspiration

Seen from this new point of view, the rotated arm is transformed into a fascinating flower that has just blossomed and the thread-like curvature of the arm, in its slender stem that, as it becomes thinner, extends to the ceiling through the same power cable.

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Models from the collection

All our chandeliers are available in different variations and fully customizable.

Customizable and tailor-made

Available colours

C - crystal
F - straw
R - rose

Available finishes

K1 - brushed gold
N1 - brushed nickel
U1 - brushed copper
Don't stop at what you see, each product can be customized in the color and finish you prefer

The Romani Saccani Architetti Associati design studio was founded in 1999 by the professional collaboration between architects Michele Romani and Mauro Saccani.

Each of their new concepts springs from a conscious reinterpretation of the memory of the past and becomes an act of synthesis between fantasy and concreteness, a challenge to the gravity of homologations and customs.
The more ‘simple’ the generating idea, the more successful the project will be: hence ‘simple’, which never means banal, understood as the first form of elegance and rejection of excess and vulgarity, as the essential and pure capacity to communicate the authentic meaning of things.



How did the original idea for this product come about?
This collection stems from the desire to reinterpret the classic Murano arm chandeliers by adopting a lighter, simplified language that harmonises with today’s taste. It proposes the typical floral-inspired loop arm with a corolla-shaped apex cup, freely suspended, hanging vertically instead of horizontally. The combination of several flowers allows for an infinite number of arrangements evoking a lush floral bouquet.

What is the meaning of the product name?
The source of inspiration is the millenary Japanese art of IKEBANA, that Zen-like attitude of creating evocative compositions of cut flowers with a few selected elements. With a similar attitude, we wanted to associate the single arm with the cut flower to be elevated to an emblem of the expressive possibilities of the skilled craftsmen of Veneto region in the north of Italy. A simple crystal flower to be mounted in clusters on multiple ceiling roses and thus obtain, through the use of a few elements, an elegant, versatile and surprising result.

How far does the result deviate from the theoretical project and how interesting was the production process?
The shape traced on paper was interpreted and re-proposed by the master glassmakers, restoring the true essence of the concept without major changes. At the end of the production process, it was surprising to see how much the result was identical and perhaps exceeded our expectations, and how faithful it was to the intentions of the original concept. Surely this is a credit to the potential of the Multiforme company that understood and correctly interpreted the value of the project. Without any additional frills, with the cleanliness and skill of the blowers, it has made this version of the contemporary chandelier of classical inspiration possible.

You can place your product anywhere in the world you wish, what would be the perfect place?
Precisely because of its versatility, this chandelier idea can be placed in an infinity of different contexts and acquires greater prominence when presented in a multitude of elements. Perhaps the placement on an important multi-level staircase allows these hanging lianas of blossoming and luminous flowers to be enhanced.

What means light to you and how do you like to handle it in your projects?
For us, working with light has always been an incredible opportunity to give a special mark and value to the environment in which it is placed. Without light there is no vision, without light there is no emotion. Associating light with a material, a colour, a luminous effect means precisely manipulating it to create something pleasant that makes us feel good and that we can ‘switch on’ whenever we need it.