light of love lampadario artistico

Light of love


Thus, in the silence of a room, amidst the shadows of the evening, the light of love was born, dancing delicately and projecting on the wall the shadows of a love that burns intensely.

It is a light that smells of promise, of intertwined dreams and hearts that beat in unison.
An elegant brushed gold support is the stage where artistic glass doves come to life, radiating white and enveloping light.


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Non-periodical publication of emotional enlightenment

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W - white

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K1 - brushed gold
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Grandesso Nicola was born in Venice in 1977. Following studies at the ‘Industrial Technical Institute in Venice, he attended courses at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice and Mechanical Design courses at private institutes. During the studies, he worked with designers, architects and photography studios.
He specializes in lighting design with particular attention to the world of glass. From 2000 he began his profession as a designer and developer, working with several international designers and various companies.



How did you come up with this product idea in the first place?
Lightoflove was born by chance, I wanted to design a lamp that would fly, a ring, such a pure shape, something that would inspire relaxation in the environment, but at the same time also a slight irony, it needed wings though… I thought of doves, and here is who could make my ring fly.

Are you satisfied with the result? How much does it deviate from the theoretical project and how much of interest was born in the production process itself?
Definitely satisfied.

What is light for you and how do you like to handle it in your designs?
As a designer, I was born and bred in the world of glass and light, and I have always tried to use it with the aim of improving environments, even in shadow, if you notice, light is always the component that makes a difference; after all, without light, colours are missing, and it changes them.

If you had to think of a soundtrack to represent the work, which song would you choose? Or which artist?
Perfect Day, Lou Reed

What did you particularly enjoy about the collaboration with Multiforme?
Definitely the enthusiasm and outspoken freedom of interpretation in the collaboration, in all aspects.

If you could place your product anywhere in the world , where would be the perfect place?
I don’t know.

Is there a project you haven’t done yet that you dream of realising in the future?
designing “the Chair”…

What are 3 20th century characters that have influenced your worldview?
no one in particular… maybe Steven Spielberg with his films when I was a kid in the 80s…