on the rocks lampadario design

On the rocks


Glass is the ideal medium to represent ice, the ‘whiskey on the rocks’ of this light work. Inside the glass cubes, a vortex reflects the light and makes it visible.

A crystallised representation of the change of state from solid to liquid, as if the LED source actually had the ability to melt the glass with its heat.
The outer surface is made from a hammered mould to add an additional luminous effect.

Customizable and tailor-made

Available colours

C - crystal

Available finishes

B - brushed burnished
Don't stop at what you see, each product can be customized in the color and finish you prefer

Italian architect and designer Francesco Cappuccio operates under the motto “Form follows Function and Viceversa”.
Francesco was born in 1967 in Caserta, Italy , where he studied architecture at the University of Naples (1994) and graduated with a Master degree in Industrial Design (1997).
In the course of his career he has won numerous awards, among those received are:

​Red Dot Design Award

European Design Award (Gold)

Four A’Design Awards

First Prize for “The Significant Furniture” International Competition “Aldo Morelato Foundation” for Applied Art in the Furniture Sector.

​Supported by rich International experiences, he has worked as Creative Director and freelance designer for: Moti, Artitude, Hora, Lightsculptures, Kochuu, Lumere, Multiforme

He moved to Bangkok in 2005, where he held the position of Academic Director at Accademia Italiana Design Institute

In 2015 he founded “CappuccioDesignStudio” and coo-founded the brand “Lightsculptures”.



How did the primordial idea for this product come about?

The idea came from observing ice cubes melting on a heat source.

How was the name conceived and what does it mean?

It comes from the phrase “whiskey on the rock” my favourite drink that I sometimes sip during the creative process.

How did the idea evolve once it was concretised in glass?

Glass is the ideal medium to represent ice, in this project I wanted to give the glass cubes a special character by creating a vortex inside them that reflects the light and makes it visible, to represent that passage of state, solid liquid, as if the LED source really had the ability to melt the glass with its heat. Finally, the outer surface is made with a hammered mould, to add a further luminous effect on it.

Are you satisfied with the result? How far does it deviate from the theoretical project and how much of interest arose precisely in the production process?

Production is always the culmination of a design process, and the idea of adding the vortex and the hammered outer surface arose precisely during the production experimentation.

What means light for you and how do you like to handle it in your designs?

Light radiation has the ability to creep in and merge with materials, dematerialising their texture and enhancing their texture, tone and personality. In all my projects it always plays a central and critical role in defining interior or architectural spaces.

If you had to think of a soundtrack to represent the work, which song would you choose? Or which artist?

Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey

What did you particularly enjoy about working with Multiforme?

Their dedication and professionalism in product development.

You can place your product anywhere in the world you wish, what would be the perfect place?

On the rock was conceived for a convivial, relaxed, non-busy environment, a bar, a corner of the living room, it gives personality to rooms with its geometric but at the same time fluid, organic presence.

Is there a project you haven’t done yet that you dream of realising in the future?

I would like to realise a technical architectural lighting design

What are three 20th century personalities who have influenced your vision of the world?

Ingo Maurer, Riccardo Dalisi and Angelo Mangiarotti