The lighting collections TIMELESS gather together the Murano glass classic chandeliers manufactured by MULTIFORME lighting. The venetian glass tradition has ancient roots, but it is still nowadays an important business for the Made in Italy industry.

The skills of our masters glass-worker, the manufacturing techniques developed along the centuries, the materials and the tools for the manufacturing of the venetian blown glass chandeliers… all this contributes in giving value to this unique craft, that have to be preserved.

The TIMELESS collection, as its name suggests, gathers all the great classic models of decorative blown glass lighting.

Thanks to the ancient tradition and to the manufacturing techniques with which these classic Murano glass chandeliers are manufactured, each of the chandeliers in this lighting collection is, by definition, a Timeless decorative lighting work, suitable for residential spaces but also for projects in which luxurious Made in Italy products are required.

Each of the TIMELESS blown glass venetian chandeliers is handcrafted using ancient tools and manufacturing techniques, in full compliance with the venetian tradition.

Our purpose is to promote the beauty, the history and the high quality of this immortal material: the Murano blown glass.

The lighting collections PROGRESSIVE are dedicated to the Murano blown glass modern chandeliers manufactured by MULTIFORME: a combination of traditional element and modern design.

MULTIFORME has developed the PROGRESSIVE modern collections to meet the demand of those who want a venetian glass chandelier Made in Italy, but without renouncing to a contemporary taste. PROGRESSIVE follows the natural development of the more modern design and the interest, typical of the lighting sector, for new materials.

PROGRESSIVE mixes together traditional manufacturing techniques, precious materials, high quality metal finishings and a modern design. PROGRESSIVE includes some experimental collections of decorative venetian blown glass lighting. These lighting works can match modern design furnitures, but they can also be inserted in more classic spaces as distinctive decorative elements.

The Murano blown glass modern chandeliers of the PROGRESSIVE collections are often a source of inspiration for custom and bespoke lighting projects. MULTIFORME can develop customised modern chandeliers to meet the interior designers’ needs.

As its name suggests, the PROGRESSIVE collections are in continuous development, giving life to new ideas and modern decorative lighting solutions that goes beyond the usual lighting works.

The lighting collections CRYSTAL are our collections dedicated to the italian crystal chandeliers by MULTIFORME. Our crystal chandeliers are completely handcrafted using high quality crystals, such as crystal glass, beveled crystals, Asfour crystals, Swarovski crystals.

The beauty and the elegance that characterize the crystal chandeliers are immortal. The crystal chandeliers can be placed in rooms with many different furnitures, and they can be manufactured in many different sizes and shapes. Moreover, the crystal chandeliers spread a multitude of glares in the surrounding space and they are easily maintainable.

Thanks to all this characteristics, the product of our CRYSTAL catalogue are unique and extremely valuable lighting works.

The quality check for the crystal chandeliers is extremely meticulous. Each of the MULTIFORME crystal chandeliers is accurately checked; the structure has a high quality finishings and the decorative elements are made of the finest materials.

Each of our crystal chandeliers in the CRYSTAL catalogue by MULTIFORME can be customised by choosing the colour and the kind of crystals, the number of lights, the size and the metal finishings.

The lighting collections CRYSTAL can be also a starting point for a crystal bespoke chandelier, or for the creation of installations for special events.

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