The new Progressive collections 2017: a modern design combined with the handmade quality of the blown glass.

Progressive, our line dedicated to modern Murano glass lighting collections, has been renewed with new lighting works.

Original colours, shapes and structures have been combined together to create amazing and unique lighting works. Many new collections, each one characterized by a peculiar design and specific characteristics, have been added to our catalogue.

Among the new collections, some have been developed using a modular structure: it is the case of Polaris and Infinity, that have been designed to meet the request for contract solutions for hotels and other public buildings, and for this reason their structure allows to create many custom solutions. In these collections, the aesthetic quality goes hand in hand with the technical quality: the glass elements composing Infinity have a peculiar metallic-like titanium finishing, while Polaris is made of glass elements characterized by a wavy shape, similar to that of stalactites.

Other collections, like Tribeca, combine a modern structure with original colour shades, both for the glass part and the metal structure. Starting from the structure of the classic Murano style chandelier, a new structure has been developed for Dadaumpa: its original and dynamic structure is made of wavy elements and mouth-blown glass spheres.

The blown glass sphere is the starting point for the developing of another lighting work – Desafinado: the sphere here loses its perfectly geometric shape to become a more delicate element, to confer a certain lightness to the whole structure.

Another one of our new products in the Progressive catalogue is Galactic, a lighting work in which the harmony is reached starting from irregular and asymmetric elements. The uniformity is given by the finishings of the different materials, which are all in gold shades. Also other collections, such as B&L and Hexigo, have been proposed in golden shades.

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